Liquid Selves

1992,   2:15

This piece depicts the upcoming struggle between the virtual and physical sides of our selves, where our bodies are left behind as technology enhances our ability to exist in purely virtual worlds.

A collection of techniques were used to produce this animation. Particle systems were used to disassemble and reconstruct various images. Artificial evolution and interpolation of 3D parametric shapes allowed the creation of unusual surface transformations. Morphing techniques produced smooth transitions between faces, and various image processing, warping, and compositing techniques were also employed.

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Software and Animation: Karl Sims
Music: Peter Gabriel, John Paul Jones
Thanks to: Lew Tucker, Jim Salem, Gary Oberbrunner, Matt Fitzgibbon, Dave Sheppard, David Marvit, Kleiser-Walczak, & Keith Waters
Produced for: "Memory Palace" and Art Futura '92
Hardware: Connection Machine CM-2

For further technical information, see:

"Particle Animation and Rendering Using Data Parallel Computation"
K.Sims, Computer Graphics (Siggraph '90 proceedings), Aug. 1990, pp.405-413.

"Interactive Evolution of Equations for Procedural Models"
K.Sims, The Visual Computer, Aug. 1993, pp.466-476.

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©1992, Karl Sims, All rights reserved.